Need Your Help For

Key West Families

(*UPDATE- Key West Family’s not insured please contact us for support)What started out to be a storm, turned into a hurricane with a huge surge of ocean water. As the world washed waves wash over the top of the southermostpointbuoy, they were in all of the power of the ocean and the height of the waves coming into Key West. One thing they were not aware of was that all that water had to go somewhere, and the majority went into the Bahama village neighborhood and flooded peoples homes waist high .It’s normal as the storm moved on so does Peoplesview in Key West was left in the rearview mirror, not on purpose but just because the weather was moving and affecting other areas horribly.Now we are left with cleaning up the mess and have over 100 families that have their homes flooded out. By the city of keywest and others

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help clean out these places, one thing people don’t realize is that beds couches and other essential things for living in the house are all gone. The goal is to help our community with some Conch love that not only comes from Key West what comes from the people from around the world who appreciate this island chain. Thank you very much for your help in this process we will update everyone as we go .


Thank You All! donations made it possible for 200 families in Key West to have everything they need to cook thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones! I have not acted alone! With out you, the Masons lodge #47 in Bahama Village, St James Church and my partner in giveing Jonathan C. Carey of Glad tidings church none of this would happen and bless these people. You all just made a difference and I thank you for it!

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