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In the heart of the Pacific Ocean lies the breathtaking island of Maui, known for its azure waters, golden beaches, and emerald mountains. However, the tranquility of this paradise was shattered when wildfires unexpectedly ravaged the island, leaving behind devastation in their wake. As a community that understands the impact of natural disasters, Key West, situated on another island but dealing with hurricanes, felt a strong connection to Maui's plight. Just as the Southernmost Point Buoy stands as a symbol of resilience in Key West, the people of Key West were determined to extend a helping hand to Maui in their time of need.


A Shared Love for the Ocean and Resilience: For those who hold the ocean close to their hearts, the connection between Key West and Maui is a profound one. Just as the warm embrace of the ocean shapes the lives of the residents in both places, the unexpected wildfires that engulfed Maui struck a chord of empathy within the people of Key West. The Southernmost Point Buoy, a steadfast landmark that has weathered numerous hurricanes, is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Key West – a spirit that resonates with the people of Maui as they face their own trials.

From Hurricanes to Wildfires: Extending a Hand Across the Ocean: In Key West, hurricanes are a familiar adversary. The community has learned the importance of coming together, supporting one another, and rebuilding after the storm. When news of Maui's wildfires reached the shores of Key West, it was a stark reminder of the unpredictability of nature. Recognizing the shared experiences of dealing with disasters, a heartfelt desire to help arose among the residents of Key West.

Rallying Together: A Campaign of Compassion: Led by individuals like Paul, whose deep love for the ocean is matched only by their compassion for fellow islanders, Key West initiated a campaign to support Maui's recovery. The campaign aimed to collect essential supplies – from food and clothing to funds for rebuilding efforts. The iconic Southernmost Point Buoy, an emblem of Key West's strength, resilience, and unity, became the focal point of this campaign, embodying the unwavering support being extended across the ocean.

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