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Southernmost Buoy 39th Birthday Family Fundraiser

Hello my name is Paul Menta and I live in Key West Florida right by the southernmost point buoy. This year myself and David Sloan will organize the celebration of the 39th birthday of the buoy, with cookies and cake for all the families while raising money for Samuels House Kids in Key West Fl. and our Sister Buoy kids in Angle Inlet Mn.

most don’t know that there is a northernmost point buoy in angle Inlet Minnesota. You actually have to cross the border of Canada to get back into the United States to get to this area and island. They deal with the exact same similar things we do in Key West during island life they get a lot of snow we get a lot of heat.We have all struggled over the last few


years from the pandemic and other things associated with it. Our northernmost buoy suffered being completely closed and shut down and also having the border that lets you in to Angle Inlet closed for a long period of time. They make Hall their money from tourism just like Key West, and with the road closed nobody could get in or out to go fishing or seen many other wonderful sites which put a dilemma on the economy and cut expenses drastically. Just like us in Key West forging through hurricanes and whatever is thrown at us to make it happen and keep everybody in business, angle Inlet with the border being closed creating an ice road across the lake to the United States so people could come and ice fish to try to bring some economy last winter.

looking forward to a fresh start with the summer season and bringing tourist in and getting back to normal they were hit with floods that really hampered the tourist season.

angle Inlet has the only one room school house in the United States, they were able to put a building up next to it so the kids would be able to have activities all year long. They have not been able to get the sporting equipment they need for these kids to stay active and we all know how important it is to keep kids active. Your donation will help families in keywest and the families and angle Inlet to create projects and sporting things for their kids. We are working with the Samuels house who does amazing work in Key West and with the people in this village of 163 residence at the northernmost point to support each other!

more videos and photos will be added. We will fund raise all the way to September 10th to help! Any donation will help kids in Key West and in Angle Inlet.

Thank You from both Buoys!

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