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The History of Key West's Southernmost Point buoy

The Sunshine State of the US, Florida, has much to discover. Together with other amazing things like the beaches, amusement parks, Walt Disney World, and more, as the term says, there is a lot of sunny weather to be enjoyed. Nevertheless, we are traveling to a very particular spot in the south. In actuality, we are going to Key West, the Southernmost Point, located at the southernmost point of the United States.

Southernmost Point Buoy

"An anchored FLOAT employed as a navigational mark, to identify reefs or other hazards or for mooring," is the definition of a "buoy."

About the buoy

The Southernmost Point Buoy, a well-known landmark, is a marker at the southernmost point. One of Key West's most recognizable landmarks is this one. The city constructed the buoy, a rounded landmark at the intersection of Whitehead Street and South Street, in 1983.


The Southernmost Point, Key West Florida," was written in block letters on a wooden sign, which is thought to be the site's first marker. The artwork painted on the buoy and sign over the years has sometimes altered. The poster was modified in 1982 to read "The Southernmost Point, in USA, Key West, Florida," The buoy was erected the following year. It was amended once again in 2011 to take on the current form.

It is necessary to clarify all the references to the "southernmost point." It is implied that it refers to the United States continental territory. That would go to Hawaii, the state with the most southern location. Yet, if you include all US territories, American Samoa in the Pacific Ocean's Polynesian Islands takes first place.

Even the description of the precise location in the US mainland is incorrect. Key West's southernmost point is to the south of your standing. But because that is off limits to the general public and is located on U.S. Naval land, the city opted for the current location. But, the southernmost point of the contiguous United States is on Ballast Key, located about 10 miles south and West of Key West. Another place that could only be reached by water would have made for something other than a beautiful tourist destination.

90 miles to Cuba

Cuba is barely 90 miles from this enormous monument, the Southernmost Point's official marker. The monument's top reads "The Conch Republic," referencing Key West's unsuccessful attempt to secede from the US and subsequent protest declaration of itself as The Conch Republic, which sparked a tourism boom and boosted community pride. This is a significant event that Key West throws in April that lasts for ten days. Locals of Key West like to call themselves "conches." A plaque honoring the brave Cubans who perished while trying to reach America may be seen to the right of the monument.

Restoration of buoy

The Southernmost Point monument sustained significant damage from Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Fortunately, the City of Key West recruited the original artist, local painter Danny Acosta, to revive the concrete buoy. As a result, The Southernmost Point continues to be Key West's most popular tourist destination.

Best time to visit

Early in the day, about 8:00 or 9:00 AM, or even earlier, is the ideal time to visit the Southernmost Point monument. It would be best if you were prepared to wait in line, but don't allow the large crowd of visitors to deter you from having your photo taken at the Southernmost Point monument. The line goes quickly; most people are eager to serve as your photographer if you reciprocate. The majority advise drinking a drink while you wait, such as a real Cuban coffee from the neighbourhood Ana's Cuban Café.

How to travel to the Bouy

The Southernmost Point marker is near Whitehead Street and South Street at Key West, Florida. It is simple to get there because several well-known hotels, eateries, and attractions are nearby. This fantastic monument and island may also be explored entertaining and excitingly. But you can also get there by using a conch train and trolley.

In this blog, we acknowledge you with the history of Southernmost Point Buoy and details of the buoy through the years.

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