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The Most Famous Photographed Place in Florida
LONG  24.5465° N,
LAT      81.7975° W

Our Military Visited The Buoy

Our Military Visited The Buoy

Tourist Enjoying

Tourist Enjoying

Paul Menta With Covered Buoy During Pandemic

Paul Menta With Covered Buoy During Pandemic


The southernmost point of the contiguous states of North America is marked by the "Southernmost Point Buoy," a concrete buoy that is permanently anchored in Key West, Florida. the elevation is above sea level at18 feet. The enormous painted buoy was placed by the city and Mayor Dennis Wardlow on September 10th, 1983 as a tourist attraction at the intersection of South Street and Whitehead Street. It is one of the country's most well-liked and frequently photographed tourist locations.

The city of Key West first marked the southernmost point with a modest sign that was stolen many times, hence erecting the now-famous concrete buoy in 1983 that no one could steal!. The tourist and photographer-attracting concrete buoy has typically survived several hurricanes.  The painting was harmed in September 2017 by Hurricane Irma, but it was later restored by the original


artist. Cuba is about 90 miles south of this location in Key West, though this wasn't initially on the marker; rather, as it said on the curd next to it “America begins here” it was on a smaller sign next to the marker and later added. Just about everyone who visits The Conch Republic, gets a photograph taken with the Buoy.

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Prior to the concrete buoy, there was a wooden sign indicating this location's southernmost point. The old wooden sign simply said, "The Southernmost Point, of Southernmost City, Key West, Florida West, Florida one," in 1970.

In 1982, Key West, Florida, was dubbed "The Southernmost Point In The USA." The words "90 miles to Cuba" were written on a different sign that was placed next to this one and had an arrow pointing south. 

On September 10, 1983, the buoy was officially opened, and the Key West Public Works Department is now responsible for maintaining it.

Twelve feet tall and seven feet wide, the painted concrete buoy exudes strength and beauty."The Republic of Conch. Key West, Florida, home of the sunset, is the southernmost point of the continental United States, about 90 miles from Cuba," is inscribed on the buoy as of 2011. The buoy underwent renovation in 2005. The 1986 paint job omitted the phrases "Home of the Sunset" and "90 miles to Cuba."


In November 1983, a smaller sign on the fence next to the buoy still had the phrase "90 miles to Cuba" written on it, but it was not part of the text.

Additionally, just below the "90 miles to Cuba" sign, a curb next to the buoy had the words "America Begins" painted on it as of November 1983. Moreover, the buoy at that time did not bear the words "Home of the Sunset."

In the 2010s, a live webcam that streams video of the street corner where the buoy is located was introduced.

Danny Acosta, a local painter, and artist, was commissioned by the City of Key West to repaint the buoy after Hurricane Irma destroyed it in 2017.

On New Year’s Day 2022, the buoy was set ablaze by two vandals and went rogue. The buoy suffered significant damage, but it was quickly repaired. When David Sloan and Paul Menta, the Minister of Debauchery and Speaker of the House of Conch Republic, posted an SOS, a bartender named Cameron Byote saw it and recognized the vandals. Cameron received a reward, and the vandals each received a $1,000 fine.


Southernmost Buoy
Birthday Party

the southernmost point buoy; the beautiful concrete buoy of 20 tons. This buoy is painted with colorful paints and quotes and is located in the heart of Key West, a must-see point for all the people visiting this island. 

Cuba is just 90 miles far from this iconic southernmost point buoy landmark; and this landmark is now one of the most visited points in Key West, Florida. But, the southernmost point buoy history is worth sharing as it endured many things but stood upright in its place. One of the most well-known souvenirs today!

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Southernmost Buoy 39th Birthday Family Fundraiser

Due to the hurricanes that hit Angel Inlet and the pandemic, which led to the fewest tourists ever recorded there and eliminated all other sources of income for the Northernmost Buoy Point, a fundraising campaign has been started for the benefit of the kids at Samuels House Kids and Sister Buoy Kids in Key West and Angel Inlet, respectively. This campaign would be successful with your contribution and participation. Please feel free to make a donation in accordance with your position. This deed will be highly valued.

Northern Most Point.png

The "sister Buoy" of the Southernmost point buoy is in Angle Inlet Minnesota and was born in 2016

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Wondering if there was anything Key West could do to help people at the Angle, Paul Menta came up with the idea of a fundraiser to benefit kids in both communities.


Paul Menta, an extreme sports enthusiast and entrepreneur from Key West, Florida, is organizing the fundraiser for Key West and Minnesota's Northwest Angle, which both have buoys commemorating their locations as southernmost and northernmost points in the contiguous U.S.

Contributed / Paul Menta

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