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About The Buoy

The most popular destination in the United States, Florida is the conch republic key west; the beautiful island lined with the blue water of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This tropical island is also known as the “Home of Sunsets” and the stunning coral reefs are worth watching too. The one other thing that attracts tourists from all over the world is the southernmost point buoy; the beautiful concrete buoy of 20 tons. This buoy is painted with colorful paints and quotes and is located in the heart of Key West, a must-see point for all the people visiting this island. 


Cuba is just 90 miles far from this iconic southernmost point buoy landmark; and this landmark is now one of the most visited points in Key West, Florida. But, the southernmost point buoy history is worth sharing as it endured many things but stood upright in its place. One of the most well-known souvenirs today!

Southernmost Point Buoy History

The southernmost point buoy was first a hand-made wooden painted plate with directions mentioned on it, however, it was built in 1982, a 20 concrete buoy, painted with beautiful colors and modest quotes. Conch shells of the conch republic key west were widely sold by the stall vendors to all the tourists visiting this place. 


This southernmost point buoy was broken by numerous hurricanes and was looted multiple times over the years. This ongoing crime started to weigh heavily on the Key West both economically and mentally. Then the key west people decided to resolve this issue and made a concrete buoy 12ft tall and 7ft wide. At that time, this beautiful landmark drew tourists to stop at this buoy to take pictures with their family and loved ones, now it is one of the most photogenic places in key west. 


This monument of the Key West is considered the official marker; the southernmost point buoy landmark for the navigation famous Cuba. After the separation of Conch Republic Key West, tourism was enhanced and boosted community pride.  Every year, in April a long 10 days event is hosted to celebrate the separation and independence of the Key West, and people from Cuban and America start reaching this southernmost point buoy to honor the events. 


In 2017, the hurricanes completely destroyed the southernmost point buoy landmark but the love of people for this buoy never ended. People taking pictures with this beautiful monument makes this still the best-photographed place in Key West, United States.  Local painter of the Key West repainted this concrete buoy and bring life to this point with quotes “Home of Sunsets” and “90 miles to Cuba”. 


But, in 2022, at the new year’s party of the Key West the southernmost point buoy burned by two vandals, who set the point buoy on fire by setting the old Christmas tree fire. The photo of the southernmost point buoy fire started circulating all over social media. Locals and other people were hurt by this incident and demanded strict actions against the vandals. 

Cable Hut Near Southernmost Point Buoy

Near this iconic key west southernmost point buoy, you’ll see the small concrete hut which was built in 1917 as the assembling spot for transportation through the railroad. This historical landmark was constructed for the telegraph cable line that connects Key West with Havana in Cuba. In 1900, at Christmas, the first call was made through this cable line by John W. Atkin to the Cuba headquarters. 

Southernmost Point Buoy Rum and Food

The southernmost point is the most visited place in Key West not only because of the buoy but also because the food and rum served at nearby restaurants attract the locals and tourists. Tourists take pictures at the southernmost point buoy and a few steps explore the famous restaurants to grab the iconic southernmost point buoy rum and Cuban famous food. 

You can get there through the conch train, or trolley that not only gives you a brief tour of all the key West as well a new way of adventure by stopping and exploring all the nearby stops of the southernmost point buoy. 


Visit our website to get a whole new vision of the southernmost point buoy, and a complete road map for you if you are visiting the southernmost point. With the best food and popular southernmost point buoy rum, this place stands out above all the famous monuments of Key West. Shop the best rum of the Key West and don’t forget to donate to the fundraising campaign for the children of the Samuels House Kids. Your deed will be highly valued!

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