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Best Bars In Southernmost Point Key West

Key West is the southernmost point of continental US and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Florida's key. It is renowned for its beautiful nights, culture, historical sites, and many other things. This is the best place to enjoy the mesmerizing natural beauty and gorgeous beaches. The southernmost point is also considered the best town for parties in the US. Key west is a spot for fun-seeking people, and the great thing is that fun does not end when the sunset. You can also enjoy the lively nightlife of key west with the same enthusiasm. This tiny paradise has comfortable weather, amiable people, and great bars for experiencing the best vacations. Furthermore, the environment of this island is quite excellent for having fun with your partner as well as for your family. Whether you want a lower key bar or an energetic one, key west will provide you all.

There are a variety of more than a hundred bars in key west where you can enjoy your favorite drink with live music and hit the dance floor.

Sloppy joe’s

You should not skip sloppy joe's bar if searching for the best bar in key west. It is situated on Duval street and was founded in 1933. Because of its popularity, this bar is always busy on weekdays and in the off-season. This oldest bar in Key west got popular because of Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar in key west. Now, sloppy joe's bar hosts an annual Hemingway look-alike contest to celebrate their dearest patron. The greatest band in the old town plays at this bar. You would like the bar's atmosphere with live music and a chilly drink in your hand.

Captain Tony’s Saloon:

This saloon is one of the most popular and oldest bars in key west, located on Duval street. This historic watering hole was the favorite spot of Tennessee William, Truman Capote, and Ernest Hemingway. You can refresh yourself by having a boozy drink, watching live entertainment every afternoon, and listening to a band playing every night. At Captain Tony's, you will observe all the lively nightlife at the southernmost point, key west.

The Smallest Bar in Key West

This is the tiniest bar not only in key west but also in the entire US. This tiny place is only 72 square feet and has only three barstools. The smallest bar is one of the popular spots because of its unique small size and location. It is located in Duval Street, where you can also interact with the people passing by. Moreover, this bar is a very good place to hang out and enjoy a drink with a small group of friends.

Hog’s breath

This popular open-air watering hole entertains you with the picturesque beauty of key west. This is one of the dynamic and energetic biker bars of the southernmost point of Key west.

Hog breath has a variety of yummiest seafood and tasty sandwiches with a drink of your choice. Every night some entertaining live music and dance would be showcased at the bar. You can also enjoy their famous key lime pie shooter taste exactly like the original key west pie. The open-air atmosphere of the bar provides a fascinating beach mood and insists you stay for some time.

Irish Kevins

Irish Kevin, who shifted to Key West in 1992, owned this bar. This is one of the famous Duval Street bars with a very entertaining and comfortable atmosphere. This pub is an excellent and amusing place to visit with friends to observe the lively nightlife of key west. Irish Kevin is a busy bar, and always something going on there. Along with several performers, Irish Kevin himself sings, making the whole environment lively and fascinating.

There are several drinks you can relish in this delightful and magical bar.

To sum up, the southernmost point, Key West, boasts the best bars in the US that have a spellbinding and captivating atmosphere to amuse customers or visitors.

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