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Best Bars Near Southernmost Point Of Key West

Do you want to turn your night at the southernmost point into adventure? Planning an unforgettable party with your loved ones? We got you; read this blog to know the best bars near the southernmost point of key west.

One of the most famous monuments of Key West is the southernmost point buoy placed right in the heart of the island. This southernmost point buoy is made of 20-ton concrete painted with beautiful colors and catchy quotes. This legendary point buoy grabs the attention of all the tourists from America and worldwide, and this place is always lined up with people to snap a photo with this iconic buoy.

You are planning for the party all night near the southernmost point and haven’t found any good bar yet? You landed at the right place!

Key west is famous for its beautiful culture, endless fun activities, water adventure at the southernmost point beach, and whatnot!

Let’s read the below information to learn about the top bars near the southernmost point of key west.

Best Bars Near the Southernmost Point Of Key West -Let’s Discover!

The food and drink of Key West are the most famous, and people from all around the world visiting the United States must visit this place for the ultimate pleasure. Here’s the list of the best bars of the southernmost point of key west; without delay, let’s read it out!

  • Margaritaville

One of the underrated best bars on the southernmost point, situated near Duval street and offers takeout, dine-in, and delivery. The best thing about this bar is that it provides all the traditional food of America at a very reasonable cost, so if you are visiting the southernmost point, don’t forget to check out this fantastic place. Mouth-watering food like pasta, seafood, nachos, salad, sandwiches, dessert with incredible drinks shots, and the legendary southernmost point rum.

  • The Rum Bar

A few meters from the southernmost point near Duval street, this bar is located in one of the best bars with the best shot and rum in Key West. Want to try different rum? This place is for you, with a 250+ variety of rums and popular dishes like painkiller shots, rum runners, and much more. No need to worry about pets; this place is actually pet friendly.

  • Tipsy Rooster Liquor Store and Bar

Want live music with outdoor seating? This bar is for you, fantastic food, best conch, and southernmost point rum with many other drink options like cocktails, soft drinks, whiskey, and whatnot! Pina Coladas mixed with rum, key lime shots, and beer is the best thing to get at this bar.

  • Southernmost Point Bar

The southernmost point bar is the most well-known bar near the southernmost point buoy, with multiple options of cold serving drinks. If you are a cocktail lover, then this place is for you. The cocktails, margarita, frozen slush, daiquiri, and many other drinks like this are the signature serving of this famous bar. This place is near the southernmost beach, so you can enjoy the cool breeze and starry night with music, making your party night the best.

  • Green Parrot

The most fantastic place on Duval street is the Green Parrot beach bar, one of the oldest and most famous bars in Key West. This place is for you if you want to party near the beach with non-stop music. This place served the classic southernmost point rum, key lime shots, cocktails, and more. Live music makes this place worth visiting when you visit the southernmost point of Key West.

We have mentioned all the best and most famous bars near the southernmost point buoy of key west, don’t forget to add this to your must-visit list to have unlimited fun on your vacations. Happy vacations!

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