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Fun Activities Near Southernmost Point


Key West is a central island and key in Florida near the United States, this island is famous because of its sunset events, music festivals, key lime pie annual event, and whatnot! The southernmost point is one of the most visited spots on this island, locals and tourists visit this place for fun. The frequently visited spot of key west, the southernmost point buoy was built in 1921, however, it was renovated with the most famous quote “90 miles to Cuba” in 2005 after the hurricane.

Just near this southernmost point buoy landmark, there are numerous fun things to do and we have designed a complete road map for you to discover and explore on your visit to the southernmost point in the US. But before jumping to the heart of the blog let’s read out the below query to know about what is the southernmost point buoy.

What is the southernmost Point Buoy?

The southernmost point buoy is a 20-ton colorful concrete buoy fixed permanently in Key West and is prominent enough that people visiting Key West stopped at this spot to take pictures at this buoy. This painted buoy with famous navigation lines like “90 miles to Cuba” and “House of Sunset” makes this place perfect for photos and people and bloggers from all over the world lined up at this place for snapping photos.

Fun Activities Near Southernmost Point -Let’s Discover!

A must stop at the southernmost point whenever you visit key west for an unforgettable trip, and near the southernmost point buoy, you can also have fun, How? Let’s find out!

  • Southernmost Beach Cafe

On the south side of Key West, the southernmost beach cafe is situated just near the beach which makes the cafe more appealing with blue water and sunsets. The fresh seafood, tacos, breakfast, dinner everything of this cafe is quite famous in Key West and usually, this place is filled with tourists.

  • Art Gallery

Near the southernmost point, just a few miles away from Duval street, iconic art galleries attract visitors from the United States even from all around the world. Embroidered pieces, rugs, sculptures, and many other eye-catching things are exhibited at this Archeo Gallery.

  • Southernmost Trolley Stop

Want to get gifts for your loved ones on your trip? No better place than the southernmost trolley stop in Key West, you can get many collectibles, stationery, and other signature things of Key West from this trolley stop.

  • Cuban Cafe

Cafes near the southernmost point are best for having brunch or dinner, so if you are craving kinds of seafood, good cocktails, and key lime pie, then you must visit Ana’s Cuban cafe to taste the traditional food with fresh coconut water.

  • Southernmost House

The southernmost house of Key West is considered one of the most iconic and must-visit places, this mansion was constructed in 1896 and is public now. The lobby of this mansion is now converted into a small museum and a beautiful poolside area with no entry enhances the beauty of this place. This mansion is considered the most attractive and beautiful place all over key west because of the best color scheme and interior of this house. Make sure to visit it while on your visit to key west.

Arranging a road trip to the southernmost point will make you feel like heaven, you can snap pictures at the southernmost buoy, enjoy the cool breeze with sunset at the beach, and can pay a visit to the Key West cemetery. Lighthouses, museums, Hemingway house, and many other places like galleries and forts are the best views whenever you plan a tour to key west but make sure to add the southernmost point buoy on your list.

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