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Fly Fishing In Key West


A magical place near the southernmost point in the US, key west is surrounded by the blue water of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This tropical island is perfect for all the tourists as it offers fun and entertainment, making this place a heaven for all the visitor. Definitely, fishing is for all ages, and fly fishing in key west is a whole new kind of experience for everyone, and if you are wondering about fishing in key west or southernmost point then keep reading.

Fly fishing in key west and the southernmost point is different all over the year and different species of fish extend out from key west to 20 miles away at the Marquesas. This southernmost point buoy in Florida key west is somehow challenging for all the fishermen and many learners visiting this place to get maximum shot with fly anglers.

So, if you are planning to go fly fishing in Key West then you must come prepared, take your sunglasses except for the ones with gray lenses, a soothing sunscreen, a hat, protective and non-marking shoes, and clothes that are good enough to protect you from the heat waves and dazzling sunlight.

Let’s read out the most common species present while fly fishing in key west.

Fly Fishing In Key West -Let’s Explore!

You can target the following species all around the year as they are the usual resident in key west and the southernmost point, you can target them with fly striking. You can find tarpon, permit, bonefish, and many others while fly fishing in key west.


The flatfish of the sea is also known as the “holy grail” as it is one of the offshore fish and is popular for many reasons, throughout the year. But, finding and targeting permits is a real deal and that’s why many fishermen spend their time hunting for permits. A permit is specifically found in the shallow water and can’t easily be preyed on as this fish is quite a picky eater. You have to be extremely professional to target the permit with fly anglers.

In the key west southernmost point buoy, permits are an easy but skillful target, because these fish are abundant in the key west all over the year. For successful prey, you have to wait for stable weather, as you can catch the permit but at informed anglers.


Tarpons are considered the best ones to target due to their gigantic size and are well preyed on the catching flies, this fish is found in abundance during stable weather when the water temperature falls between 73 to 86 degrees. Tarpon usually shows up in the southernmost point buoy, key west Florida, and many other keys too. Tarpons can be caught in dim light, for tarpon hunting, early morning with dark is considered the best time. The tarpon usually rolls in the water and so it is easier for the fishermen to target and prey on the tarpon.


Bonefish is the most common yet the most challenging target for all the fishermen, it is found in the southernmost point in the US, key west, and Florida. Bonefish are comparatively heavier than the permit and tarpon and have an abilcan hide due to their color, which isthe g a bonefish is a real deal. You have to wait for a stable temperature to get the bonefish are the picky eaters too, as they usually feed on the crab, baitfish, and conch shrimp and are found where sharks are not found.

You have to wait for the stable temperature in key west and lower keys for fly fishing in key west, usually May is the best month to prey on the fishes like tarpon, permit, and bonefish.

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