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Visiting the Southernmost buoy Key West in December

Key West is the southernmost point of the continental US and 90 miles from Cuba. Key west is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Florida keys. It is bestowed with fascinating and breathtaking natural beauty. Key west has so much significance because of historical places such as Ernest Hemingway's House, Fort Zachary State Park, East Martello Museum, etc. It is also famous for its watersports, lively nights, and beaches. Although people visit this island around the year, several visitors prefer to visit the place in December. Key west's weather in December is warmer and cozier than the rest of the US. If you want to experience some memorable holidays in December, then Key West is your place. Key west is an amusing spot to have fun in December because December is the end of hurricane season in key west which starts from 1st June to 30th November. The key west temperature in December is stable and comfortable, so you can easily enjoy your time at the enchanting and mesmerizing beaches. Due to its gorgeous weather in December and plenty of interesting and marvelous sites, Key West is the busiest and rushes picnic site in entire Florida's keys.

Activities to enjoy in key west in December

You can enjoy the clear and comfortable weather with a little wind during the winter, especially in December. There are various things and activities you can experience in key west in December to make your trip unforgettable and persistent.

Stay for a while at the southernmost point of the US

This is a significant spot where visitors stop and take pictures in front of a concrete buoy representing the southernmost point of the continental US. This southernmost buoy is at the lowest latitude of land, only 18 feet above the sea. This landmark sign says that key west is the southernmost point of the US. you can enjoy the enthralling and astonishing clear blue sky and sea view from this point in the winter. So, This is an amazing and worth visiting place in December.

Experiencing a sunset at Mallory Square in December

Visiting key west in December is not complete if you will not go to enjoy the glorious sunset at Mallory Square. It is one of the most enchanting places in Key West and is famous for several reasons. If you are visiting Key West, then watching the mesmerizing view of the declining sun is the must to do a thing at this place. Mallory square is renowned for its splendid and magical views of the sunset. Moreover, you can experience and enjoy the celebration of sunset with live music and great performances whilst you stay at this place in December. This place is also known for its bustling shopping areas and famous restaurants. You can dine in the popular restaurants and shop while strolling at this spot.

Ernest Hemingway House and Museum

In December, the Hemingway house and museum is one of the most frequently visited places in the southernmost point of key west. If you take a keen interest in history and literature, this place is your tea. You will see many exciting features of Hemingway's life and all his belongings, unseen pictures of the writer's fishing adventure, and plenty of other things during your tour of the house in December. You will also encounter some thrilling adventures during your haunted walking tour, where some ghost resides in the house and roams around the island.

Enjoying several water sports

The best thing about key west weather is that it remains almost stable, with slight changes in temperature from summer to winter. That's why you can easily enjoy various water activities during your trip in December without having a second thought about snowfall. The water temperature is very comfortable for swimming, even in the winter month of December. Water sports, snorkeling, and diving are the coolest and most exciting activities you can enjoy in the southernmost point in December. It would be a thrilling experience to be in or on the water in December at key west.

Strolling in Duval street

This is probably the most visited destination in key west because of its lively nights, bars, restaurants, shops, and the famous attraction key west Nature and Butterfly Conservatory. In December, this iconic street is the best place to celebrate Christmas and stroll in the street to enjoy the lighting and decorations for Christmas. If you want to explore the spooky history of the island, you can also take the bone island haunted pub crawl tour.

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