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Distance of southernmost point Florida from Cuba


Are you planning to travel to the neighbouring foreign country of Cuba? Place your focus on Florida, which is neighbouring to the State. This State is famous for its warm weather, beautiful beaches and delicious marine food. It is only a little over a hundred miles away. Due to Florida being on the southernmost tip of South America and Cuba being a part of North America, the two states are relatively close geographically.

The distance between Florida and Cuba is known as the "distance from Florida to Cuba by water." Boat passage is possible, but it will take a while. It takes around 8 hours to travel. The southernmost tip of the American continent, Key West, Florida, commonly famous as "Home of the Sunset," is 90 miles away from Cuba.

Beauty of Florida

Orlando makes Florida recognized as the world's epicentre of amusement parks. Multi-billion dollars are spent annually at Florida's theme parks, which are attended by 78 million people yearly. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, and Disney theme parks are well-known in Florida. Florida, like Cuba, is home to some beautiful beaches, including Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, and Clearwater Beach. More than 1000 miles of coastline have white beaches and azure seas.

Moreover, Florida is referred to as "the sunny state". The explanation is that certain areas have 361 days of sunshine each year. Because it had 768 consecutive days of sunlight, St. Petersburg in the Tampa Bay region is known as the "sunshine city." For space enthusiasts, don't forget about the Kennedy Space Center.

Key West Florida

The US state of Florida's Strait of Florida is home to Key West and the other Florida Keys. The island, located in the southernmost point of the US, has a land area of 4.2 square miles.

Even though you cannot see Cuba from the US, entering the US's southernmost region may be an exciting journey. Key West Island is a well-liked tourist attraction as well. This is because of the area's many watersports, exciting nightlife, beaches, and historical attractions.

Would you like to visit a location in Florida where you can almost see Cuba? Key West is reachable by car, plane, or ship. You can also take a train or a shuttle as an alternative.

Activities and Attractions in Key West

We can do many different activities in Key West for fun.

Picture With the Southernmost Point Buoy

A brightly coloured concrete buoy 12 feet (3.7 metres) high and 7 feet (2.1 metres) wide may be seen in Key West at Whitehead and South Streets. The Buoy was built in 1983 and has been through several hurricanes.

Awe-Inspiring Sight can be enjoyed from the Key West Lighthouse

The lighthouse, standing for over 200 years, lies in Key West's Old Town. Initially used to direct ships to the neighbouring Naval Station, the lighthouse became a historical landmark.

A grand view of the island is waiting for you at the top if you are okay with taking the 88 steps to get there. A camera comes in handy in these situations.

Take a photograph of the sunset at Mallory Square.

One of Key West's pleasures is watching the sun set into the Gulf of Mexico from Mallory Square. The square, which sits near the island's northwest corner, is now a well-liked destination for travellers. They congregate here every day for the rudimentary festival of the sun's setting. Street entertainers will keep you amused while you wait for sunset. Take some time to savour some delightful treats and beverages from the many sellers in the area.

Because of the popularity of the activity, be prepared to mix with a lot of people and, if you can, reserve your seat in advance.

Final thoughts

You cannot see Cuba from Florida. Nevertheless, the distance between the southernmost point of Florida from Cuba is 90 miles, and it is thrilling to be as close as 90 miles to another country. Also, there is much more to enjoy in the part of Florida, most relative to Cuba.

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