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Southernmost Point Buoy History

The southernmost point buoy is a ceramic buoy permanently placed in Key West, Florida near the adjacent North American state. This concrete buoy is almost 18 feet elevated from sea level, since 1983 this point buoy has been placed between two main alleys as the perfect destination point for all the tourists visiting Key West. The southernmost point is listed among the most popular and frequently pictured tourist destinations in Key West.

Right after declaring Key West as an independent nation, in 1983 the southernmost point was designed with a modest sign, but now it is serving as the prime location for photos. A buoy that has endured multiple hurricanes! The artist of this buoy after the storms of 2017 restored it by painting it all, and famous Cuba is just 90 miles away from this southernmost point buoy landmark. Let’s dig down to find out more about the southernmost point buoy's history.

Southernmost Point Buoy History -Let’s read out!

Before 1982, there was a wooden sign that identified the location of the southernmost point where a sign read southernmost point in Key West, USA, as well as a separate sign that proclaims the “90 miles to Cuba”. But in 1983 after the independence of Key West and declaring separation from the United States, this sign was renewed. A buoy was constructed to be 12 feet tall, seven feet broad approximately 18 feet above sea level. Next to this buoy, a hut was constructed in 1921, where a telephone cord was placed that linked Havana and Key West. Near the southernmost point, a cable house is located, a point where the telephone cable entered the water.

The renovation of this buoy was done many times, firstly it was painted in 1986 but the renovation was done in 2005, with new text like “90 miles to Cuba” and “Home of the sunsets”. These texts were not painted on the buoy before.

The local painter of the Key West was hired for the repainting when the buoy was almost destroyed by the hurricanes in 2017, however, on 2022 new year’s day, two hooligans tried to destroy this buoy with extreme damages, but security cameras helps in located that hooligans and were fined over $1000 for damages.

What is the southernmost point buoy famous for?

The 20-ton concrete southernmost point buoy is a colorful perfect spot for the picture and is marked for marine navigation in Key West, Florida. People from all around the world gathered at this place and lined up to snap a photo at this famous buoy. The southernmost point buoy is a must-stop for all the people visiting the island of key west. The written text on the buoy “90 miles to Cuba” sounds like pride for Key West, which also indicated the history of Cuba and Key West. The southernmost point buoy landmark is the perfect and even better photogenic place for all the people stopping by this buoy.

Plan a trip to this place to explore the attractions of Key West and witness the sunset as stated at the buoy “Home of sunsets”. You can also take a memorable picture at the legendary and heavy southernmost point buoy.

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