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Southernmost Point Fire Incident


Key West, a tropical island in Florida, is renowned throughout all micronations for its culture and event history and is flanked by aqua ocean and beautiful scenery. Duval Street, Mallory Square, and other notable Key West locations attract tourists who are on trip and looking to explore the island. The southernmost point is one of the famous locations of the conch republic key west, just as other notable locations.

If you're visiting this island, you must make a lengthy list with a guide in order to uncover this hidden treasure because there are countless entertaining things to do close to the southernmost point buoy. The buoy marking the southernmost point is a sizable, vibrant piece of concrete that is decorated with a number of well-known sayings, including "90 miles to Cuba'' and images of residences at dusk. Although Cuba is more than 90 miles from Key West, it makes no difference if you are exploring all the hidden beauties of this location, according to the caption on the buoy, which depicts the history of the island.

What makes the southernmost point famous?

The southernmost point buoy landmark is a prominent Key West sight that is positioned for instructions but where visitors also halt to take pictures and selfies close to the buoy. Everyone is welcome to take photos and enjoy the view of the bluish water from the US's buoy marking the country's southernmost point. Additionally, there are numerous interesting activities and good food nearby, like southernmost point rum and fresh seafood.

But what would Key West be like without water activities? Definitely not, which is why Key West's southernmost beach, that is close to the southernmost point, provides all the water activities to fulfill your adventurous demand.

But, when two vandals set fire to the renowned southernmost point buoy to mark the beginning of 2022, it was not nice at all for Key West residents and visitors who were celebrating the new year at this location. Let’s learn more about it.

Southernmost Point Fire Incident

"Hooligans set fire to famed southernmost point buoy of Key West," according to reports, and "Key West's prominent southernmost point landmark burst into flames." The Key West community was saddened by the fire catastrophe, which was covered extensively in the press and on social media.

This fire broke on the party events of the year 2022, and severely damaged the buoy, leaving a black stain on this concrete monument. All Americans and visitors from around the world were drawn to this concrete buoy, and when it was severely damaged, everyone was enraged and dumbfounded.

Shortly before daylight, two vandals were idling close to the mark of the southernmost point and after a short while, they carried out a downed Christmas tree from the area and set it on fire. The paint on the buoy was severely damaged, but thankfully the criminals were caught on camera by the security cameras at the southernmost point. They were significantly fined for property damage instead of being arrested for doing this, though.

This point buoy has endured numerous prior calamities, including hurricanes in 2017 and now this fire that is removing the lovely paint on the concrete buoy. In order to cover up the damage and quotes, officials recruited a local painter to repaint the famous object.

Following this incident, residents of Key West were upset and voiced their sorrow and fury on social media. People were hoping that vandals would be arrested as soon as they were identified, but instead they were severely reprimanded. People then posted their personal views and articulated their rage, writing things like, "Hope these troublemakers are punished accordingly for their fashion crime" and "Authority should penalize them for causing damage to property."

Without these kinds of events, the new year is typically completed, but island damage to property is completely unacceptable to the government and locals. This type of incident also occurs in many other nations, where the vandals who set the Christmas tree on fire were apprehended and charged with numerous offenses.

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