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Southernmost Point Guest House


The southernmost point of key west is one of the most historic yet famous monuments of this tropical island, people from Florida, the United States, and all over the world lined up to see this buoy. The southernmost point is a block of concrete made erect buoy that is placed right in the key west heart. This buoy is painted with colors that enhance its beauty and is definitely the big reason for the attraction of tourists.

Local and tourists exploring Key West at the Key lime pie festival, or music events usually come to this place for snapping photos. This place stood up firmly against every hurricane and mishap, it was again painted and renovated in 2005 with the additional legendary quotes “90 miles to Cuba” and “house of sunsets”.

The southernmost point is not all about the buoy and snapping photos, but near this southernmost point buoy landmark, you’ll find numerous food places with bars and resorts. Let’s read the information below about the southernmost point guest house to make sure about your safe stay while staying at Key West in Vacations. But before reading the heart of the blog let’s take a look to know why this southernmost point buoy is so famous.

What makes the southernmost point in the US so famous?

Just like the other monuments of key west such as Duval Street, Mallory Square, Hemingway House, and whatnot, this place is famous as a photogenic spot. This buoy is placed in the key west for navigation and now it is painted with beautiful color and now a must-stop for the people to snap photos with this concrete buoy. This best photogenic place suffered hurricanes, storms, and many other mishaps that dull the beauty of this point, but in 2005 it was renovated by the local painter of the key west and is now recognized as the most famous point of the key west -the southernmost point buoy.

Are you searching for a peaceful yet beautiful place for your stay during the key west trip? Got you, we have a list for you to explore and choose the best room in the southernmost point guest house for your stay. Keep reading!

Southernmost Point Guest House

The southernmost point guest house is surrounded by the beautiful blue water of the southernmost beach and the beautiful places of Key West.

The southernmost point guest house is situated at Duval street which is a few meters away from the southernmost point buoy and is within walking distance from the southernmost point beach.

This huge American-style guest house is the best place for you to rest after roaming and enjoying the whole day or night in key west. Key West culture is worth noticing, different music events, southernmost point buoy rum, key lime pie, and many other things make your stay at key west memorable. The sunset of key west is worth watching, this breathtaking view is witnessed by all the tourists and locals every evening at the southernmost seashore or at adventure fury with endless fun and music.

The southernmost point guest house comes with every facility you can imagine, including a cocktail bar, cafe, Tv lounge, Rum bar, and much more. This guest house comes up with single, double, and quadruple rooms with amazing interiors and facilities.

Love to swim? You landed at the right place, you can go to the southernmost beach that is a few steps away from the southernmost point guest house, as well the built-in hot tub in the guest house will not disappoint you.

Want to have a barbecue party with your friends and loved ones? No worries, the on-site bar and separate place for barbecue will amaze you. The parking area in this house is for you to park your cars, as well the greenery of this place is the best side of this southernmost guest house, you can walk around and meditate in this peaceful place.

King and queen rooms for 2 or 4 people with every possible facility like a bedding pool view, air conditioner, coffee machine, microwave washing machine, closet, tumble dryer, fridge, and whatnot! Upgraded rooms are definitely the best ones, you can stay at this house with your family for a whole month giving you home-like feelings. Junior suite, king suite with beach view, and economy room with separate entrance are worth considering.

The southernmost point of key west is not only famous because of its southernmost point buoy landmark, but also for the delicious food and southernmost point buoy rum. The delicious fresh seafood with tasty cocktails and key lime shots will satisfy your taste buds and food cravings. Don’t forget to do all the water adventures whenever you visit the southernmost point. Happy Vacations!

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