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Things To Do In Southernmost Point Key West

In Key West, Florida, there is a historic landmark called the southernmost point buoy; it's located at 1400 Whitehead Street in Key West, United States. This location is well-known because of the huge stone buoy 12 feet high and 7 feet broad, that was put in place in 1983. Those who enjoy taking part in aquatic adventures are very familiar with the southernmost point buoy as Key West's beaches are all artificially created.

The fact that Key West is located at the southernmost point of the American continent is well known as it is necessary that one makes it to the island's southernmost point during the stay, which can be discovered at the junction of Union Street and North Way. The iconic Southernmost Buoy, which is a must-see photoshoot, can be found here, along with a variety of all other Key West sights that are "southernmost" in location. This buoy is one of the most frequently visited spots and tourists are also excited by this, as well as many other famous places. The southernmost point buoy is also well renowned for being among the buoys that get far more photographs.

Things To Do In Southernmost Point Key West -Let’s Explore!

Here’s the list of the must-to-do list for you whenever you are visiting Key West, the Southernmost point.

Southernmost Point Buoy

It is essentially mandatory for you to check out the Southernmost Point Buoy if you visit the island Key West of the United States. It is among Key West's greatest recognizable features and the location of the infamous "90 miles to Cuba" artwork. Make sure to take a break there so you can take a picture with both the southernmost point buoy and the Atlantic Ocean in the background.

Ana’s Cuban Cafe

Visit Ana's Cuban Café on South Street to enjoy a more fancy meal on the hustle. This well-known restaurant offers delicious food quickly and has a large selection of hamburgers, especially the well-known Cuban Mix, garlic chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, jalapenos, and pickles. It also serves pure coconut water directly out of the plant, and the southernmost point buoy rum, and whatnot!

Southernmost House

The Nineteenth-century Southernmost House building, located at the northern end of Duval Street, is among Key West's finest eccentric historical residences; it was constructed in 1896. Among the nicest homes on the island, this 13-room bed & brunch is now instantly recognizable because of its distinctive conch shell with a beautiful color pattern.

You can find anything from historical antiques to Ernest Hemingway's notes in the lobby's modest, accessible exhibition. Among the most stunning locations to sip a cool cocktail is indeed the zero-entry pool that looks out onto the Atlantic Ocean.


You will discover Archeo Gallery a few miles north on the broadway of Duval Street; the magnificent stores and art galleries on Duval's southern edge, including Archeo, are a must-see. At this gallery, with an emphasis on aesthetics and home furnishings, you may find Gabbeh carpets, African art, luxurious knitwear, and exquisite artwork.

Southernmost Point Beach

Just a few miles away from the southernmost house down duval street southernmost point beach is located. This little patch of beach is ideal for swimming in the daytime. Renting a deckchair or a stand-up surfboard is just a couple of the choices available to you when spending the day and enjoying the sun.

Southernmost Point Trolley Stop

Onboard Old Town Trolley Tours is the ideal time and location to purchase gifts, mementos, and other items to commemorate your trip to Key West. Among other things, the Southernmost Trolley Stop sells stationery and trinkets from Key West Trolley Shop.

Key West Butterfly Orchid

The Key West Butterfly Orchid is only a short distance from Duval Street, where dozens of butterflies of all shapes, patterns, and colors thrive in a tropical refuge. Discover intriguing facts regarding their transformation from unassuming caterpillars to lovely butterflies. Also keep in mind that if a butterfly descends on you, it is lucky. Must visit this one of Key West's biggest family destinations -Butterfly orchid.

Make sure to explore all the famous spots of Key West, get photographed with the point buoy, and Atlantic ocean, and don’t forget to try out the best food of the southernmost point.

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