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Vandals Set Fire To Iconic Southernmost Point Buoy

Tropical island in Florida, United States, surrounded by blue water and breathtaking views, Key West is famous among all the micronations due to its culture and event history. Many worthwhile places of key west like Duval Street, Mallory Square, and others make this place a fun land for the people exploring this island during vacations. And just like other prominent places, the southernmost point is one of the iconic spots of the conch republic key west.

There are hundreds of fun activities near the southernmost point to do, and if you are visiting this island, you have to make a long list with a map to explore this hidden gem. The southernmost point buoy is a substantial colorful buoy made of concrete and painted with many famous quotes like “90 miles to Cuba” and houses of sunset. The caption on the buoy shows the history of Cuba and key west; though Cuba is more than 90 miles from key west, it doesn’t matter at all if you are discovering all the hidden gems of this place.

Why is the southernmost point buoy famous?

The famous southernmost point buoy landmark is the iconic monument of Key West, which is anchored for the directions, but also tourists stop at this place to snap selfies and photos right next to this buoy. This colorful southernmost point buoy in the US allows everyone to take pictures and sightsee the blue water. You can also get delicious food near this, like southernmost point rum, fresh seafood with many other fun activities.

But, visiting key west without water adventures? A big no, that’s why the southernmost beach near the southernmost point key west offers all the water adventures for quenching your thrilling thrust.

The start of 2022 was not good at all for the Key West people and tourists celebrating the new year at this place, which happened when two vandals set fire to the iconic southernmost point buoy. Want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Vandals Set Fire To Iconic Southernmost Point -Let’s Find Out!

“Iconic southernmost point landmark in the US, Key West caught fire” and “vandals set fire to the famous southernmost point buoy of Key West.” This incident was highlighted in the news all over social media, and the fire event hurt the sentiments of the people of key west.

This fire badly affected the buoy with noticeable damage and left a black mark on this concrete landmark; this all started in the new year, even in the year 2022. This concrete buoy grabbed the attention of all American and other people from all over the world visiting this place, and extensive damage to this buoy left people furious and speechless.

This fire mishap all started hours before the sun rose, as two vandals were hanging out near the southernmost point buoy, and after a few minutes, they dragged out a damaged Christmas tree near the buoy and then set it on fire. It badly affected the buoy and damaged the paint; thankfully, the security cameras of the southernmost point captured the vandals. However, they weren’t arrested for this but fined heavily for damaging the property.

This point buoy has withstood many other mishaps, like hurricanes in 2017 and now this fire, which peels off the beautiful paint of the concrete buoy. After all this, authorities hired a local painter to repaint the iconic piece to hide and renew the damage and quotes.

People of key west were unhappy after this incident and expressed their grief and outrage on social media. People were expecting vandals’ arrest right after their recognition, but they were fined heavily; however, people posted their opinions and expressed their anger, “hope these vandals are punished appropriately for their fashion crime,” and “Authority must punish them for damaging the property,” and many other furious comments.

The new year is usually incomplete without such types of incidents but damaging the property of the island is totally unacceptable by the authorities and natives. This kind of incident also happens in many other countries where the vandals put the Christmas tree on fire and were arrested with multiple charges.

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